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NÄCHSTER ANLASS: SEOLLAL: Koreanisches Neujahrsfest
Samstag 06.02.2016 ab 17 Uhr
Eine Koreanerin zeigt uns, wie man feinste Mandu’s selber machen kann und wir kochen daraus eine traditionelle Mandusuppe.
Kochen ab 13 Uhr, Buffet ab 17 Uhr.
Aktive Helfer: gratis
Mitglieder: 10.-- (Kinder 12-18 Jahre: 5.--)
Nicht-Mitglieder: 35.-- (Kinder 12-18 Jahre: 15.--)

Ort: Regina-Kägi-Hof 12, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon
ÖV: Bus 80 bis Chaletweg, retour laufen bis rechts Regina-Kägi-Hof
Bitte bis 30. Januar anmelden


WICHTIG/URGENT: Looking for my adopted sister...

My name is Gina Messisco and I am the half sister of a Korean adoptee in Switzerland and am trying to contact her. I am half Korean, like my sister, but was not adopted and though we shared the same birth mother, we have different birth fathers. She was adopted through KSS agency in Korea and left Korea for Switzerland on May 9, 1972 when she was around 6 years old. I do not know her exact birthday but believe it was sometime in July of 1966. Her name is Kim Mi Young and her birth parents names are Kim Kum Yon and Thomas Rosales (from what I was told but it may not be accurate). I will attach a few photos I have of her when she was still in Korea and a few we received from her adoptive parents soon after she arrived in Switzerland. The pics were sent to the agency in Korea and passed along to my mother. I have been in touch with KSS, Dae Won Kim, and Pastor Lee but have had not any information yet from any of them. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Best regards,
Gina Messisco