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NÄCHSTER ANLASS: Samstag 21.06.2014 14-20 Uhr
Kochkurs in Zürich-Affoltern
DONGARI-Mitglieder zeigen ihr Können. Zubereiet wird: Kimbap, Mandu, Tintenfischsuppe und -Salat!
Unkostenbeitrag Kochkurs:
Mitglieder: gratis. Nicht-Mitglieder: 35.--
nur Essen, ohne Kurs:
Mitglieder: 10.-- (Kinder 12-18 Jahre: 5.--)
Nicht-Mitglieder: 20.-- (Kinder 12-18 Jahre: 10.--)

Ort: Dora-Staudinger-Strasse 12, 8046 Zürich.
Die Siedlung liegt direkt neben dem Bahnhof Affoltern (Backsteingebäude).
ÖV: Bus 61/62 von Schwamedingerplatz, Bus 37 von ETH Hönggerberg, S-Bahn S6.
Bitte bis 15. Juni anmelden

I am searching for my brother. Last year I got reunited with my birth family on my mother's side. Sadly she passed away in 1992. I got to know that I have a brother that was also adopted and sent abroad. My brother's name is: 정Chung 기동 Ki-dong. He was probably born in 1977 and adopted at the age of 2-3. Our mother's is name: 구(具)Koo 수연 Soo-yeon. She was born on the 21st of march 1945. Unfortunately I do not have the exact dates regarding my brother. My mother's family did not have much contact with my mother. They believe he was sent to France, but they are not sure. None of the four adoption agencies, KSS, SWS, Eastern and Holt, and Korean Adoption Services in Korea have any information about a boy with this name, so he might have got another name. If you have any information about my brother or if this information sounds familiar, please contact me https://www.facebook.com/yunsoon.choi.7 Thank you.